Inspiration to create a difference

We’ve learned many lessons along our journey launching Radgard. Rather than keeping this information to ourselves, we decided to share it with the world. We have two educational tracks: tech and gardening. The content is designed for aspiring students, engineers, and gardeners.

Tech Education Series

STEM fields are the foundation for how modern society functions. Grasping skills in these areas enable individuals to solve the world's most pressing problems. We've been through the process of building a novel technology and we're eager to share that process with others. Learn the skills required to design, prototype, and scale a consumer technology device & app with our tech education tracks.

Concepts are taught without the expectation of prior experience. We break down difficult concepts into bite-size pieces.


Mobile App Design & Software

Mobile apps are a unique hybrid between user experience and functionality. Both are equally important for a successful app and we'll cover the basic framework for designing user-friendly apps and crafting their functionality.

Cloud Software

Clusters of computers around the world form a computing cloud that billions of devices rely on each day. Learn what makes the "cloud" so powerful and how to design software that leverages these powerful clusters.

Smart Device Software

Smart devices have complex software that enable them to collect data and communicate with the Internet. We explain how smart devices process information through a block-based approach and provide additional resources for those eager to program their own devices.

Hardware & Circuit Design

Starting from elementary physics principles, we build up electrical engineering concepts and demonstrate how they're used in our circuit designs. We'll also discuss practical concepts in hardware engineering including how to source components, manufacture circuit boards, and assemble a final design for distribution.


2 hours each (includes time for questions)

Gardening Education Series

Community gardens created at schools are shown to increase student consumption of fruits and vegetables by 3x and boost academic performance. Bring gardening to your school or enhance your existing garden with our strategies, tips, and proven techniques required to grow healthy plants.


Raised Bed Garden Construction​

Learn how to build a garden bed from scratch. We'll walk you through the materials/tools required and provide assembly instructions for creating a stable structure capable of supporting soil and plants.

Plant Selection & Irrigation Strategies

Selecting plants that grow together is critical for a healthy garden. Plants have different soil depth, sunlight, and irrigation needs that we'll go over in this track.

Soil Formulation

Maximizing plant yield starts with the nutrients provided by the soil. We simplify complex soil mixtures and provide universal formulas that work well for common garden plants.


1 hour each (includes time for questions)


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