Easily create and maintain a healthy garden.

Radgard Lara

Easily create a personalized garden with Lara, an app that brings your garden dream to reality with a three-step workflow.

Design your dream garden.

Visualize your design in augmented reality.

We'll send you the materials needed to build it in less than one hour.


Radgard Frisk

Maintain a healthy garden effortlessly with Frisk, an irrigation controller that automatically waters & offers maintenance suggestions for your plants.

Easy to install in less than 10 minutes.

Configure with a user-friendly mobile app.

Automatic watering based on your plants and local weather.

Save 50% of water compared to manual irrigation.

Self-sustainable with a solar panel and back up battery.

The Problem

Gardens are environmentally friendly, a source of healthy eating, and a stress reducer. They create a sustainable planet and support individual lives. But building a successful garden is difficult.


Aspirational gardeners don’t know where to start, and 40% quit in their first year due to lack of time and knowledge or a failed harvest.


How much water do tomatoes need? Are those bugs damaging my plants? All new gardeners ask similar questions, but current solutions are scattered and don’t help from start to finish.


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a sustainable and effortless approach to agriculture that increases utilization of hyperlocal food sources.

Our Values


At the forefront of our values, our products and services are designed with sustainability in mind.


Buying a Radgard product means you completely own the equipment – including the right to repair it easily.


Our devices are modular and assembled with simple fasteners. If a component fails, you can order individual replacement parts at a fair price, minimizing waste.


Radgard is deeply rooted in giving back to our community.


Gardening is shown to increase children’s consumption of healthy foods and boost their grades.

We pledge to partner with a school for every 100 Frisks that we sell – supplying them with Lara and Frisk to help them create a healthy garden.

In addition, Radgard would not be possible without the wonderful open source hardware and software communities. We commit all our designs to being open source and well documented for others to take inspiration from.